Programme 2021

WEEK 1 – Professionalisation in Adult and Lifelong Learning

Moderator: Balazs NEMETH – Welcome to Week 1

WEEK 2 – Transitions towards a new World order in new Learning Strategies

Moderators: Eric AGBESSI and Seamus O’TUAMA

WEEK 3 – Designing flexible learning for adults: Dialogue between University Lifelong Learning and professional contexts

Moderator: Timo HALTTUNEN

WEEK 4 – Diversity and inclusion in Higher Education: what we have and what we need

Moderator: Kevin ORR


  • Monday 29 November | ROUND TABLE
    • Wrap up of the ULLL Open Fora 2021. How does it all fit?
    • Balazs NEMETH, Eric AGBESSI, Seamus O’TUOMA, Timo HALTTUNEN and Kevin ORR
    • Moderator: Eva CENDON
  • Tuesday 30 November | CLOSING PRESENTATION
    • 52nd eucen annual conference in Budapest 2022
    • Pusa NASTASE, Central European University (CEU), HU
    • Moderator: Balazs NEMETH