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All the activities during the eucen ULLL Open Fora 2022 will start always at 15:15CET.

Who are we?

eucen is the largest multidisciplinary European association of University Lifelong Learning. It was funded in Belgium in 1991 and has its secretariat in Barcelona since 2000.

Our non-for-profit association has 160 members from 34 different countries and offers activities such as conferences, seminars, discussions and meetings at different levels from researchers and practitioners in HEIs to Rectors and policy makers at local, regional and European levels. eucen is also the publisher of the European Journal of University Lifelong Learning (EJULL).

Another important activity developed by eucen is the design and management of EU-funded projects with over €12 Millions since 2000.

Find out more about eucen from our website, our resources site eucen Studies, or via the short video attached below.

Promotional video 2016eucen in a nutshell

Join us as members until 31 December 2022 and receive special welcome deals. Contact us to know more about the conditions.