About the strands in 2022

1. Digital Learning – Using technology to access knowledge

Week 1: Thursday 03 November 2022
Moderator: Pascal PASCHOUD
Master Class: Michael REINER
Master Class title: Virtual Reality in industry with the focus on virtual trainings

This first week of the eucen Open Fora 2022 will open discussion around digitalisation and the use of technology in education. How is technology influencing education and what are the latest developments in the sector of digital learning? Which role do Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Ledger Technology, Gamification, and other technological innovations play? How can we use these tools in our classrooms and how can they replace or complement more traditional learning approaches? If you have expertise in technology based learning, and can provide examples or models of new technologies applied to education, please consider submitting your abstract here.

2. Responsible learning – Connecting with the community

Week 2: Thursday 10 November 2022
Moderator: Balazs NEMETH
Master Class: Mary MAHONEY
Master Class title: The 3rd mission of higher education: imperatives, mutuality and delivering on public and community engagement

Besides research and teaching, universities have a so-called “third mission” to engage with their communities, and address societal challenges from local to global, including rising unemployment, growing economic inequalities and climate change. How are our universities currently addressing these challenges? What can they do to provide their communities in urban environments well-connected or rural areas with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop in a sustainable manner, and what is the role of community-based research? How do universities themselves benefit from this community engagement and research, including through student placements or continuing professional development for university staff? We welcome contributions on these, and related topics as part of our eucen Open Fora.

3. Professional learning – ULLL as enabler of Talent Enhancement

Week 3: Thursday 17 November 2022
Moderator: Diana TREVIÑO
Dialogue: Live-streaming from the 2022 eucen Autumn Seminar*

In light of the constant labour market demands for different and better skills, ULLL plays a key role in delivering the required training. Universities provide technology-based teaching and learning approaches to support continuing education of individuals and to address skill requirements of the labour market. How are HE-VET institutions meeting this demand? Through which tools can ULLL help learners develop their full economic potential? How can learners’ new skills be made visible and be recognised? And, how can ULLL remain ahead of the labour market demands and offer programmes relevant to the industry?

* Join this session face-to-face in Barcelona! Register here. There is a fee associated to the Autumn Seminar 2022 – you can consult rates here.

4. Inclusive Learning – Building a world where everyone is welcome

Week 4: Thursday 24 November 2022
Moderator: Timo HALTTUNEN
Master Class: Maria LAU and Beate HÖRR
Master Class title: Implementation and sustainability of a diversity and inclusion strategy in HEIs – The University of Mainz

We will close the Open Fora 2022 talking about inclusion. The European Commission states that “making higher education systems inclusive and connected to society requires providing the right conditions for students of different backgrounds to succeed “. Opening up to diversity, and fostering humanistic and democratic values entails embedding them as key principles in institutional policies, and implementing them through concrete actions. What are our universities doing to become more inclusive and welcoming? Which steps need to be taken to become a genuinely inclusive organisation? How  a democratic culture, humanistic values, and human rights? Let us know about the strategies, processes and tools that your institution has developed to make inclusive learning a reality.