Resources 2020

You can download from this page the resources shared during the eucen ULLL Open Fora 2020. Remember always to use responsibly other people’s materials: acknowledge the work and do not use it to make a profit from it. Thanks!

Week 1: The role of Lifelong Learning in Learning Cities

02 Nov 2020Seamus Ó Tuama
Denis Barrett
03 Nov 2020Siubhán McCarthyPPT
03 Nov 2020Carmel BerendiPPT
04 Nov 2020Konstantinos Pagratis
Edith Hammer
External link
04 Nov 2020Mary MahonyPPT
04 Nov 2020Notes from the chatLinks and emails
05 Nov 2020John WoodingPPT
05 Nov 2020Annalisa L. RaymerPPT

Week 2: Higher education work-based learning in a changing world

09 Nov 2020Carol CostleyResource 1
Resource 2
10 Nov 2020Anita Mörth and
Abena Dadze-Arthur
11 Nov 2020Eva SzederkényiResource 1
Resource 2
11 Nov 2020Francesca UrasPPT
UniLab web
12 Nov 2020Lucilia SantosPPT

Week 3: Digital learning in continuing education – the aftermath of COVID-19

16 Nov 2020Ingrid Le DucPPT
17 Nov 2020Susan DennettPPT
17 Nov 2020Ester MartinezPPT
18 Nov 2020Peter Van BaalenPPT
19 Nov 2020Alfredo Soeiro and
Ahidoba de Franchi
External references:
Gerontagogy Society
AGE platform
Learning in later life
EU active ageing

ENQA model
20 Nov 2020Wrap-up by Pascal PaschoudPPT

Week 4: Bridging Active Citizenship and University Lifelong Learning

23 Nov 2020Introduction
Balazs Nemeth
Resource 1
23 Nov 2020Alan TuckettPPT
24 Nov 2020Dorothée Schulte and
Mpine Makoe
25 Nov 2020Heribert HinzenResource 1
25 Nov 2020Notes from the chatLinks
26 Nov 2020Katarina Popovic and
Maja Maksimovic
27 Nov 2020Notes from the chatLinks

30 November 2020: Closing Session

Wieger Bakker, Utrecht University (NL) | Timo Halttunen, University of Turku (FI) | Eva Cendon, FernUniversität (DE) – PPT

Links to the videos of the Open Fora sessions are now available in the eucen’s YouTube channel. Do not miss it!